WVRM Sustainable Streetwear came to life as a semester-long Emerging Technologies Studio project. It was a silly little idea that I had prior to create a streetwear-inspired brand off of the name, pronounced “worm” with the later-added twist of producing the apparel as eco-friendly as possible within my own means and budget. I designed and produced a line of ten samples using wholesale clothing made from 100% recycled materials and CSPIA-Certified, PVC-free heat transfer vinyl for the decoration. Each item also received its own laser cut clothing tag, made from 100% recycled card stock. I marketed the samples on Instagram up until the December launch of a small Weebly eCommerce site, where the apparel was made available for pre-order.

Aside from the clothing itself, WVRM was applied into 3D technologies as well. I went all-in with my first try at 3D modeling and experimented with ways to turn raw 3D prints into finished products, but ultimately opted for raw prints made from pink silk filament. The resulting items were WVRM logo earrings, a keychain, and a WVRM logo standee.

Overall, it was a really fun project and a great learning experience into marketing and eCommerce! The full project was shown in the Fall 2022 Emerging Technologies Studio Exhibition.