For our 2023 senior graphic design exhibition, one other student and I worked together on the web committee to develop the predetermined website for the show. With the full site layout designed by one of the several art directors, our task was to bring the site to life. The site was proposed to include: a home page with a light and dark mode toggle and plenty of hover states, a navigation with each student’s name and ampersand, and a profile page for each student.


The completed website ended up being more ambitious than what was proposed. In addition to a functional light and dark mode toggled by clicking on the Shift & Align logo, an animated loading screen will play on the first visit and the site is fitted with custom cursors of different colors. The foundation of the site was built using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap functionality, while some of the more complicated elements such as the light and dark mode toggle were achieved with Javascript. Finally, the static site was converted to PHP for WordPress functionality, which allowed us to set names, descriptions, and images for each student with ease through WordPress.


Feel free to check out the website for yourself here.